Best of 2009, a three-phase year

Three-phase electric power is a common method of alternating-current electric power transmission. It is a type of poly phase system, and is the most common method used by electric power distribution grids worldwide to distribute power. It is also used to power large motors and other large loads.

This «wide» 2009 has brought to my professional life tons of astonishing people and great projects.  The perfect prelude for 2010. Like a three-phase electric power transmission, I can distribute my year in three parts: one that could be called «starting up» from January to April, a second one from May to August which I decided to tag as «developing», and finally the last four months, the «committing» part of the year: I committed myself to change the world and the final score has been higher than I could ever imagine.

Going on with the electric metaphor, 2009 has distributed powered and has empowered my future, which makes me feel full of gratitude. This awesome last year of the decade would not have been possible without the valuable contribution of many people: @santyprada, my whole family, my team at Atalaya, «mis Laetas», «mis Meigas», «mis» @ellas2: @begonamiguel, @mireia_juarez, @perezsusana…, love you all. I could not have achieved my goals without the energy and wisdom of @shaherose and the help of Olga San Jacinto. And for sure, those 365 days would have been worse without the sense of humor of @fabian_gonzalez, @chemanton, @cesardelacruz, @worldofsapo, @juanjux, Dom e Iván.

Finally, must say that along 2009 I have made some amazing discoveries. You all people have brought me hope, smiles and positive energy to continue walking and learning: @pedromoneo and @opinno crew, Mercedes Wullich from @mujeresycia @joseluisagell, @autkast, Carol Sands, Vanesa Pizarro, @nachoescobar, @felixlozano, @isabel_avila, @anamariallopis and @ideas4allteam team, @soleponscaruso and @HUBMadrid crew, @angelmaria and @iniciador team: @loogic, @wlappe, Lucas; @martasteve, @fderbaix, @mcglaria, @idoiacantolla, @peppersantblai + Marta, @joseluimontes, @fernandosummers, @capitancook, @aureamemotech, @manuelabat, @ElenaBRZ, @gabycastellanos, @dnsf, @lolya, @peignoir, @abarrera, @neusportas, @auroragaral, @sebasmuriel, @mdmgamero, @MaryVincent, @praxagora21, @DavidLinares, @javimonsalupe & @ellos2. So nice to met you!!

I wish I could explain this intense twelve months trough words, but it is impossible. So check this «three-phase diagram» out: click, discover, enjoy!

Very, very best for 2010!